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The Gunpowder Plot Society Library contains a comprehensive list of several hundred relevant books, periodicals, essays, theses, articles, and media presentations (film and television) that have been published or released since 1605. Many of these can still be purchased, and where appropriate, a link is provided. We also have acquired several original historical documents and books through Christies, Bloomsbury Auctions and Mullock's.

We also possess a great many articles from various periodicals and where doing so does not create copyright infringements, we can supply these electronically in PDF form to researchers and educational institutions at no cost.

The following list then is a representation of the key material we possess, that focus specifically on the plot, those directly involved in it, or the political and social world in which it existed. In addition to this we possess a great many books regarding 16th and 17th century culture, politics, and life in general. This list can be supplied upon request.

[1] - Books

Akrigg, G.P.V. - Letters of King James VI & I, University of California Press, London 1984
Anstruther, Godfrey - Vaux of Harrowden, R. H. Johns Ltd, Newport 1953
Ashton, Robert - James I by his contemporaries, Hutchinson & Co, London 1968
Aveling, Hugh - The Catholic Recusants of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1558-1790, Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society, London 1963
Beer, Anna - My Just Desire, Ballantine, 2003
Boyle, Conall - In the Footsteps of the Gunpowder Plotters, Meridian Books, West Midlands 1994
Caraman, Philip - John Gerard. The Autobiography of an Elizabethan, Longmans, Green and Co, London 1951
Caraman, Philip - Henry Garnet 1555-1606 and the Gunpowder Plot, Longmans, Green and Co., London 1964
Caraman, Philip - The Other Face - Catholic Life Under Elizabeth I, Sheed & Ward, New York 1960
Caraman, Philip - Saint Nicholas Owen: Maker of Hiding Holes, Catholic Truth Society, London 1980
Cross, Clare - The Puritan Earl: Henry Hastings 3rd Earl of Huntingdon 1536-1595, Macmillan, London 1966
Davies, R - The Fawkes's of York in the Sixteenth Century, , London 1850
Durst, Paul - Intended Treason - What really happened in the Gunpowder Plot,W.H.Allen, London 1970
Edwards, Francis - The Gunpowder Plot. The Narrative of Oswald Tesimond alias Greenaway, The Folio Society, London 1973
Edwards, Francis - Guy Fawkes: the real story of the Gunpowder Plot?, Harte-Davis, London 1969
Finch, Mary E. - The Wealth of Five Northamptonshire Families 1540-1640, , Oxford 1956
Fraser, Antonia - Faith and Treason. The Story of the Gunpowder Plot, Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, New York 1996
Gardiner, Samuel Rawson - What Gunpowder Plot Was, Longmans, Green & Co., London 1897
Gerard, John - What Was the Gunpowder Plot? The traditional story tested by original evidence., Osgood, McIlvaie & Co., London 1897
Gerard, John - The Gunpowder Plot and the Gunpowder Plotters, in reply to Professor Gardiner, Harper & Bros., London 1897
Haynes, Alan - Robert Cecil 1st Earl of Salisbury - Servant of Two Sovereigns, Peter Owen Publishers, London 1989
Haynes, Alan - The Gunpowder Plot: Faith in Rebellion, Alan Sutton Publishing, Stroud 1994
Hodgetts, Michael - Secret Hiding Places, Veritas Publishing, Dublin 1989
Jardine, David - Criminal Trials, II, The Gunpowder Plot, M. A. Nattali, London 1847
Jardine, David - A Narrative of the Gunpowder Plot, J. Murray, London 1857
Longueville, Thomas - The Life of a Conspirator : being a biography of Sir Everard Digby by one of his descendants, K. Paul, Trench, Trubner, London 1895
Morey, Adrian - The Catholic Subjects of Elizabeth I, Allen and Unwin, London, 1978
Morris, John - The Condition of Catholics under James I: Father Gerard's Narrative of the Gunpowder Plot, Longmans, Green and Co., London 1872
Nicholls, Mark - Investigating Gunpowder Plot, Manchester University Press, Manchester 1991
Parkinson, C. Northcote - Gunpowder Treason and Plot, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London 1976
Pullein, Catharine - The Pulleyns of Yorkshire, Whitehead & Sons, Leeds 1915
Sidney, Philip - A History of the Gunpowder Plot, The Religious Tract Society, London 1904
Simons, Eric - The Devil of the Vault, F. Muller, London 1963
Spink, Henry Hawkes - The Gunpowder Plot and Lord Mounteagle's Letter, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, London 1902
Williamson, Hugh Ross - The Gunpowder Plot, Faber & Faber, London 1951
Wills, GaryWitches & Jesuits, Oxford University Press, New York 1995

[2] - Periodicals, Bulletins, and Pamphlets

Recusant History - John Gerard and the Gunpowder PlotAllison A.F., No.5, 1959
Recusant History - Sir Edmund Baynham, Sprott S.E., No.10, 1969
Recusant History - Three Sites in the City of York, Longley, Katharine M., No.12, 1973
Recusant History - Tanner on Nicholas Owen: A Note, Hodgetts, Michael, No.15, 1979
Recusant History - Investigating Gunpowder Plot, Nicholls, Mark, No.19, 1988
Recusant History - The Elizabethan Priests: Their Harbourers and Helpers, McGrath, P., No.19, 1988
Recusant History - Still Investigating Gunpowder Plot, Edwards, Francis, No.21, 1992
Recusant History - Sir Robert Cecil, Edward Squier and the Poisoned Pommel, Edwards, Francis, No.25, 2000
Recusant History - Thomas Habington's Account of the 1606 Search at Hindlip, Gilbert, C.D., No.25, 2000
Recusant History - The First Earl of Salisbury's Pursuit of Hugh Owen, Edwards, Francis, No.26, 2002
Journal of Ecclesiastical History - The Marriages of Catholic Recusants, Aveling, Hugh, 1950
Archaeolgia - Observations on the historical evidence supporting the Implication of Lord Mounteagle, Jardine, David, Vol.XXIX
Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research - Ordnance Records and the Gunpowder Plot, Rodger, N.A.M., No.53, 1980
Northamptonshire Past & Present - The Death of Francis Tresham, Wake, Joan, No.2, 1954
Journal of British Studies - Gunpowder Treason & Scots, Wormald, Jenny, Vol.XXIV, 1985
The Seventeenth Century - Conspiracy and Conscience: A Psychological Study of the Gunpowder Plot, Knipe, J., January/April 1930
The Seventeenth Century - Robert Persons - Climate of Resistance and the Gunpowder Plot, Carrafiello, M., 1988
World Review - The Gunpowder Plot, Williamson, H.R., November 1950

[3] - Academic Works - Essays and Theses

Members of the Essex Rebellion - Fernald, Mary H., Brown University PH.D., 1976

[4] - Magazine Articles

History Today - Guy Fawkes and the Powder Plot, Toyne S.M., No.1, 1951
History Today - New Light on the Gunpowder Plot, Izon, John, No.4, 1954
History Today - Robert Cecil Earl of Salisbury: Minister of Elizabeth and James I, Hurstfield, Joel, No.7, 1957

[5] - Media - Film and Television

Guy Fawkes - Directed by Maurice Elvey, Starring Matheson Lang, based on the novel by William Ainsworth who shares writing credits, 1923
The Gunpowder Plot - Cromwell Productions Ltd, 50 minutes, 2000
Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot - Channel 4 Television, 2002


All material copyrightę The Gunpowder Plot Society