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Over the years, members of the GPS have made several research trips to all of the relevant Gunpowder Plot locations, as well as a great many record offices, museums, libraries, and of course have been granted access to private collections. One of the more important records that we have taken of these trips are a great many photographs. Over the years we have noticed the gradual decline in the state of many of these grand places, and therefore this photographic record is becoming an important historical record in itself.

Presented here is a large portion of that historical record. By clicking on each of the images it is possible to view them in a larger window. Should you wish to make use of any of these images please contact us for permission, so we can keep track of what people consider important as well as interesting. If there is something you wish to see a photograph of and you do not find it here, please email us and ask. If we do not have what you are after, it may be possible for us to accommodate requests during our next visit.

Ashby St Ledgers

Holbeache [Holbeche] House
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