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The list of those interrogated by the government in the aftermath of the failed Gunpowder Plot is long and extensive, however, many of those had little more evidence to offer than witnesses to much earlier events, or the comings and goings of the core group of conspirators.

The plot however should not be thought of as something that involved only the principal thirteen, there were many others who were implicated, tried, and convicted of complicity. Some of those suffered the same fate as Guy Fawkes, many others escaped with fines, or the knowledge that their names had forever been blackened by their apparent association. Men such as the Littletons Stephen and Humphrey, the Wintour's younger half-brother John, Sir Edmund Baynham, messenger to the Pope, and Sir William Stanley, kin to the Earl of Derby and known to be in league with the Spanish. This page provides a list of names of those involved in the plot in some way, whether confederates, or unwitting accomplices.

In the list below, spelling variations of the persons name as they appear in various records are included.

George Bartlett - Servant to Robert Catesby
William Petty - Servant to Robert Catesby
Robert Askew - Servant to Robert Catesby
Richard Parker - Servant to Robert Catesby
Stephen Bonne - Servant to Sir Everard Digby
Richard Daye (Dey) - Servant to Sir Everard Digby
William Eadale - Servant to Sir Everard Digby
James Garvey - Servant to Sir Everard Digby
Robert Abraham (Abram) - Retainer of Sir Everard Digby
John Bates - son of Thomas Bates
Henry Morgan - Friend of John Grant
Robert Higgins - Servant to John Grant
Edward Bickerstaff - Servant to John Grant
Matthew Batty - Servant to Lord Monteagle
William Thornberry - Servant to Henry Huddleston
Henry Sergeant - Servant to Henry Huddleston
John Fowes - Servant to Robert Wintour
Thomas Maunder - Servant to Robert Wintour
William Browne - Servant to Robert Wintour
Thomas Ockley - Retainer of Robert Wintour
Edward Ockley - Retainer of Robert Wintour
Robert Conyers - Servant to Ambrose Rookwood
Christopher Ater (Archer) - Servant to Ambrose Rookwood
John Flower - Servant to Ambrose Rookwood
Stephen Kirke - Servant to Ambrose Rookwood
Michael Pelborough (blacksmith) - Servant of Ambrose Rookwood
William Kyddall - Servant to Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby
Thomas Edgin - Servant of John Wintour
William Johnson - Servant of Robert Keyes
Thomas Darler - Servant to Robert Monson
Reginald Miles - Servant to Sir William Engleston
Sir Robert Digby
Robert Acton
Thomas Grant
William Cooke
Robert Rookwood
Thomas Rookwood of Claxton, Warwickshire
Henry Huddleston (later Sir Henry, heir of Sir Edmund Huddleston of Sawston Hall, Cambridge).
Father Thomas Strange
Father John Singleston
Robert Osborne
Ambrose Fuller
William Howson
Francis Grant
Richard Westberry of Norbrook
Thomas Richardson
Will Snow
John Facklins
Francis Prior
Richard Yorke
Robert Townsend of Bury St Edmonds
Bennett Leeson
William Andrew
Richard Wranford

If you can provide further details on any of the people in this list, compile a short biography, etc, please contact us at society@gunpowder-plot.org.

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