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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/145 - Examination of Thomas Bate 4 December 1605

He confesseth that about this time twelvemonth his master asked this said examinate whether he could procure him a lodging nere the J Grant house, whereupon he went to seek some such lodging and dealt with a Baker that had a Roome [___] to the parlament house, but the Baker answered that he could not spare yt.

After that (some fortnight or thereabouts as he thinketh) his master [_____] as yt seemed, that this examinate suspected somewhat of that which he the said Catesby went about, called him to him at Pudle Wharffe in the house of one Powell (in here Catesby had taken a lodging) and in the presence of Thomas Winter, asked him what he thought, what business they went about, and this examinate answered that he thought they went about some dangerous business, whereupon they asked him againe what he thought the business might be. And he answered that he thought they intended some dangerous matter about the parlament house, because he had ben sent to gett a lodging nere that house.

Thereupon they made this examinate take an oath to be secret in the busines, which being taken by him, they told him that yt was true, that they ment to doe somewhat about the parlament house; namely lay powder under yt to blowe yt up.

Then they told him, that he was to receive the Sacrament for the more assurance, and he thereupon went to confession to a priest named Greneway, and in confession told Greneway that he was to conceale a very dangerous project of work. That his master Catesby and Thomas Winter had imported unto him, and that he being fearfull of yt, asked the comunall of Greneway, telling the said Greneway (which he was not desirous to hear) their particular intent and purpose of blowing up the parlament house, and Greneway the priest thereto said, that he would take no notice thereof but that he the said examinate should be secret in that which his master had imported unto him, because it was for a good cause, and that he willed this examinate to tell no other priest of yt. Saying moreover that yt was not dangerous unto him, nor any offense to conceale yt, and thereupon the said priest Greneway gave this examinate absolution. And he received the sacrament in the company of his master Robert Catesby and Thomas Winter,

Being asked when he last sawe Robert Winter he answereth that he last time he sawe him was at Holbech where he was present when the powder was sett on fier, and blasted his master, whereupon he saith that John Wright [___] to Catesby, took him by the winder and sayd were worth the time that was [___] sooner this day, and called for the rest of the powder, saying that he would have that also fired, that they might all together be blown up with the powder there. But this examinate seeing them in amazement, and fearing that they wold be so[?] with the rest of the powder : gott frith, took his horse and road away.

He saith moreover that they were in consultacion to send unto Mr. Talbot of Grafton to move him to joining them, and to goe unto him were named and appointed Sir Everard Digby, Stephen Littleton and Thomas Winter, but Sir Everard Digby when he was going, was stayed by the company and Stephen Littleton and Thomas Winter only went.

He saith also that they moved Robert Winter to goe, but he answered that he would not goe desiring to be excused for refusing because he was in hope that Mr. Talbott would be good to his wief and children.

Being asked whether he went when he road from Holbech he answereth that he rode that night into Shropshire to the house of a cosen of his names Richard Bate dwelling at Oldfeild. And when he had made his said cosen acquainted with the busines wherein he had ben, his cosin lodged him there that night, but went to Sir Robert Needham (dwelling nearby,) and tould him of yt, whereupon Sir [___] Needham cam the next morning to Oldfeild, and apprehended him and comytted him to Shrewsbury Gaole where he remayned till he was brought up to the Lords of the Councill.

Being asked whether he had acquainted any other priest with the conspiracy, he saith no. But saith that he confessed him self to an other priest named [___] at Huddington Robert Winters house, but that was only for his Synnes, and not for any other particular cause.

He saith moreover that he heard his master, and Thomas Winter and Guy Fawkes say (personlly uppon the coming over of Fawkes) that they should have the summe of five and twenty thousand pounds out of Spaine.

Thomas Bate

Nottingham, Suffolk, E Worcester, H Northampton, Salisbury, Marr, Dunnbarr
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