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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/146 - Examination of Thomas Wintour 5 December 1605

At the Tower. The examination of Thomas Wynter gent taken this 5 of December 1605.

A. This examinate being demaunded what persons he spake withall on Fryday morninge when he went from Mr Litteton's house at Holbache, confesseth that he went to Mr John Talbotes house at Pepper hill and cominge in to a place used for bowling inpaled in, he mett with Mr Talbot coming out of his house, to whom Mr Talbot spake, howe dare you come hither considering what speach there is of yor tumultuous rising or to such effect, to whome this examinate aunswered that his meaning was not to have spoken with him but with one in his house and he was very soare that he mett with him to whom Mr Talbot said, so was he to, for that this examinates cominge to him might be to him as much as his life was worth, and tould this examinate that it was very fitt he should be taken, whereunto this examinate sayd that he would not easilie be taken, then said Mr Talbot fare you well, gett you awaye.

B. Being demaunded what the manns name was that he would have spoken with all in Mr Talbotes house answereth that his name is Leonard Smalpeece one towards the lawe and that kepe Mr Talbotes courtes.

C. Beinge further asked to what end and purpose he would have spoken with him, and from whome and whether he spake with him at all or not he confesseth that he spake with Smalpece soone after his departure from Mr Talbot and tould Smalpece how between fourtie or fiftie were risen and the mannor of it and asked Smalpece if he knewe of any that would assist them who aunswered that he knewe not of any and said that when his master Mr Talbot heard of the rising of this examinate & others the night before he said it was a very foolishe attempt and seemed very much to mislike it. And this examinate tould Smalpece that if any man would come unto them, they could kepe themselves for thre or foure dayes. And sayth that Catesby, Percey, Sir Everard Digby and others that were in Mr Littletons house were acquainted with his goinge to Mr Talbottes and it was agreed in generall to get and gather together as many frendes as they could and this examinate tould them that he had a frend in Mr Talbottes house. And confesseth that Stephen Littleton went with him to Mr Talbottes house and that Mr Talbott did not see Mr Littleton for he remayned without with the horse.

D. Being demaunded whether this letter nowe shewed unto him beginninge thus good cosin I hope &c and ending thus this sixth of November were not of the handwriting of his brother Robt. Wynter aunswereth that it is his brother Robt Wynter's handwritinge the superscription of that letter being to my assured loving cosin Mr S. These he delivered he rather thinketh the same to be most likely to be directed to Mr Smalpece.


[Endorsed] Notingham. Devonshire, Northampton, Salisbury, E. Worcester, Mar, Jo. Popham.
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