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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/164 - Examination of Thomas Wynter 9 January 1605/6

The examination of Thomas Wynter, gent this 9 of January 1605

He confesseth that when he and the rest of the first five tooke the othe and sacrament, Gerrard the Jesuite that went by the name of Lee was not present when they tooke the othe for they tooke the othese as he taketh in a lower chamber and gerrard as he taketh it was in an upper chamber in the same house, and saith the mannor of the taking of the othe was that they kneeled down uppon there knees and layed there handes on a primer and were sworn, and then tooke the sacrament for confirmation thereof, wich they did presently after by the handes of gerrard the Jesuite in the upper Roomth as he sayth.

But Gerrard knewe not of the project of the powder to his knowledge.

[Signed] Tho. Wintour

[Endorsed]Jo. Popham, Edw. Coke, W. Waad.
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