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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/166 - Examination of Thomas Bate 13 January 1605/6

Examination of Thomas Bate 13 of January 1605 before the Lords Commissioners.

A. Thomas Bate sayeth, that being with his master Robert Katsbie, at Mr. Grants at Holbrooke, he sent him from thence with a letter from Sir Everard Digby, by care of Catesbie, Robt. Winter, and Grant to Coughton Court (the house of Sir Thomas Throckmorton but hired by Sir Everard Digbye) to Father Farmer a priest, otherwise called father Walley, to crave his advice what course they were to take in theyr proceedings (which letter the sayde Bate heard when it was read by Walley) and that the sayde Bate carried the letter. And that while Walley was reading the letter, Greenway the Jesuit came in ; to whom Walley readd the letter upon Greemway's demaund what was the matter ; and that he told him they would have blown up the parlament house, and that they were discovered and were all (speaking of them selves) utterly undone. Whereupon Greenway sayde that there was no tarrying for himself and Walley. Then this examinate desiredGreenway to come unto his master Robert Catesbie, if ever he would do anything for him ; whereunto he answered, that he would not forbeare to go unto him, though it were to suffer a thousand deaths, but that it would overthrow the state of the whole society of the Jesuit's order. Nevertheless after he had left them the sayde Walley and Greenway half an hour together, while he walked in the halle, Greenway came out to him, and sayde he would go with him, and rode with him as far as Huddington, Robert Wintour's house ; and there after he had talked with Robert Catesby privately about half an hour (having saluted the rest in the court), he rode thence, as he thinketh to Mr. Abington's house in Worcestershire.

B. Moreover he sayeth that when he carried the letter aforesaid, he was willed by Sir Everard Digbie to deliver a message to his wife, which was that she should safely lay up those things which he sent her in a secure place.

C. He sayeth, that he thinketh that Greenway is styll at Mr. Abington's house in Worcestershire ; and that he used to ride upon a grey gelding (with a black padd saddle) and of quick mettall.

[Signed] Thomas Bate

D. He sayeth moreover, that he asked Thomas Winter why they did not keep Sir Edward Baynham here ; and that Thomas Winter answered that he was not a man fitt for this business, but that they had otherways employed him by sending him to Rome. And that he stayed there only for Father Walley's letters.

[Signed] Thomas Bate

[Endorsed] Suffolk, Worcester, Salisbury, Northampton, [__]
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