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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/17 - Examination of John Johnsonne, 6 November 1605

The examination of John Johnsonne the 6th of November 1605 before twelve of the clock in the morning.

What tyme was it, your Master Thomas Percye gave order for the makinge of a newe door into the sellar under the London Way?

He sayth about the mydle of lent, his master gave order to make a dore into the sellar, that they might have a neerer way out of his owne house into the sellar.

How longe was the powder in the sellar before that tyme?

He sayth there was no powder in the sellar at that tyme, but that it lay at his master's owne house.

How long after the dore was made was the powder carryed out of his master's house?

He sayth some three or fower dayes after.

Who helped you to bringe the powder out of the house into the sellar?

He sayth he did yt himselff.

Whether did you convaie yt in Barrells or otherwyze.

He sayth in Barrells.

In what place did it lye in the house?

He sayth in a lowe Roome nere [___]

He confesseth he made a [fork] like a [point] neere on his apparell.

He confesseth he hath bene a Recusant about this twenty yeares.

Being demanded where he lay on Weddnesday at night last.

He sayth he hath forgotten.

Being demanded where he lay on Thursday at night.

He sayth he hath forgotten.

Being demanded where he lay uppon Friday and Saturday.

He answereth he knows not.

Being demanded where he had his barrel slinger, and for what purpose he had them there.

He answereth he did not yse the slinger to bring in the powder, but to remove yt.

Being demanded whether he did thinke of his master, Mr. Thomas Percye had anie acquainted with his plot, that he would have supposed the Earl of Northumberland to have perished.

He sayth he thinketh his master would have bene loth to have donne him hurt, bycause he was bound to him.

Whether do you know one Griffin that lyes out against London Bridge or [____]

He sayth he neyther knowe him, not out nor in his house.

What leters have bene delivered to you of late from beyond the seas.

He answereth, none.

When you were beyonde the seas what speech had you with Sir Edmonde Baynham and Sir Wm Cobb.

He answereth he saw them not.

Who helped you to remove the barrells of powder, since you were not able to remove them alone with slingers, with which you confess you did remove them.

He answereth he cannot discount the oathe, but he shall bringe him in question.

With whom did you leave the key of the sellar in your absence, when your master mayde the the billotte to be layde in the sellar.

He answereth he leafte the key with his master.

When you were out in the Low Countries whether had you conference with one Hugh Owen or no.

He answereth he had none but ordinarye salutations when he founde him in open company.

Jhon Jhonson [signature]

Beinge demanded whither the billote that were layd into the sellar, were layd in before the powder or after.

He sayth that fifteen were layd in before, and fifteen after ; and that those that were layd in before the powder, were layd in by himselff, the last were layd in when he was absent, in the Low Countries, which was betweene Easter and September.

Beinge asked where he lighted when he came out of the countrye, and when.

He sayth he lighted at the Chequer in Holborne uppon Saturday last in the last daylight towards night.

Being demanded when his fowle art had bene done which must have brought this Realme in fitt to be subdued by some foreyne prince ; of what foreyne prince he and his complice would have wished to have bene gouverned, one more than the other.

He doth [___] uppon his soule, that nyther he nor any other with whom he had conferred would have spared the last dropp of their blood to have resisted any foreyne prince whatsoever.

Jhon Jhonson [signature]


[Note in Fawkes' own hand]
Youe would have me discover my frends by giving warning [ ] overthrow us all.
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