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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/175 - Declaration of Guido Faukes 20 January 1605/6

Note that although this document states that it is in Fawkes' handwriting, it is only a copy of an original that was. This is not Fawkes' writing.

The declaration of Guido Fawkes the 20th of Jan 1605 [__] of his own hand writing

Mr. Catesby and I had some discourse touching warning of some noble men.

He told me that my Lord Mordant ment not to be there the first day because that he would not be noted to be absent at the Sermon, for as yet the king did not know him to be a catholique.

And the Lord Stourton, his occasion fell out, so as he would not come to Towne before Friday after.

Guido Faukes
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