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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/177 - Voluntary Declaration of Ambrose Rookewood 21 January 1605/6

21 Janu 1605

The voluntarie declaration of Ambrose Rokewood Gent

I doe acknowledge that uppon Thursday morninge beeing the third of November that my selfe and all the other gentellmen (as I doe remember) did confesse our sinnes to one Mr. Hammond priest, at Mr. Robert Wintour his house ; and any other my sinnes I did acknowledge my error in revealing theire intended enterprise of powder agaynste his Majesty and the State, having a principle in concience, the facte seeminge to mee to bee too blooddye. Hee for all in generall gave me absolution without any other circumstances, beeing hastened by the multitude that were to come to him.

[Signed] Ambrose Rookewoode

[Endorsed] Edward Coke, William Waad, [___]
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