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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/18 - Interrogatories of James I for John Johnson, 6 November 1605

This original document was transferred to the Museum and therefore unavailable for copying. However, a transcript done in 1842 was put into the Gunpowder Plot Book in its stead.

This Examinate would (should) now be made to answer to formal Interrogatories.

1st - As what he is ? for I can never yet hear of any man that knows him .

2nd - Where was he born ?

3rd - What were his Parent's Names ?

4th - What Age he is of ?

5th - Where he hath lived ?

6th - How he hath lived, and by what trade of life ?

7th - How he received those wounds in his breast ?

8th - If he was ever in service with any other before Percy ; and what they were ; and how long ?

9th - How came he in Percy's service ; by what means and at what time ?

10th - What time was this House hired by his Master?

11th - And how soon after the possessing of it, did he begin to his devilish preparations?

12th - When and where learned he to speak French ?

13th - What Gentlewoman's Letter it was, that was found upon him ?

14th - And wherefore doth she give him another name in it, than he gives to himself ?

15th - If he was ever a Papist ; and , if so , who brought him up in it ?

16th - If otherwise, how was he converted , where , when , and by whom ?

This course of his life I am the more desirous to know ; because I have divers motives leading me to suspect , that he hath remained long beyond the seas , and either is a Priest, or hath long served some Priest or Fugitive abroad ,; for I can yet ( as I said in the beginning hereof ) meet with no man that knows him ; the Letter found upon him , gives him another name , and those that best knows his Master , can never remember to have seen him in his company ; or whereupon it should seem that he had been recommended by some persons to his Masters service , only for this use , wherein only he hath served him ; and , therefore he would (should) also be asked, in what company and ship he went out of England, and the Port he shipped at , and the like questions would (should) be asked , anent (concerning) the form of his return: - As for these trumpery wares found upon him , the signification and use of every one of them would (should) be known ; and what I have observed in them , the Bearer will shew you, Now, last, ye remember of the cruelly villainous Pasquil , that sailed upon me for the name of Britain ; - if I remember right , it spake something of Harvest , and prophesied my destruction about that time. Ye may think of this ; for it is like to be the labour of such a desparate fellow as this is. If he will not otherwise confess, the gentler Tortures are to be first used unto him , "et sic per gradus ad ima tenditier", and so God speed your good work

James R.

(Endorsed by the Earl of Salisbury)

"The Kings Articles"
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