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Gunpowder Plot Book

SP14/216/19 - Examination of John Johnson in response to Interrogatories 6 Nov 1605

1. He saith his name is John Johnson

2. He was borne in Yorkshyre in Netherdale

3. His fathers name was Thomas Johnson his mother Edith daughter of one Jacksonne

4. His age 36 years

5. He hath lived in Yorkshyre first at skoole there, and then to Cambridge and after in foure other places

6. His maintenence was by a farme of 30 li a year

7. His scars came by the healinge of a plurasye

8. He never served any before he served Mr Percie

9. He promised Mr Percie service only by his owne means, being a Yorskshyre man also. After was [__].

10. His master hyred the house about Midsommer last twelvemonth

11. About the Christmas followinge he [payed] to bring in the gunpowder

12. He did learne to speake French first here in England, and [__] yt at his last journey beyond the seas

13. The letter that was found about him was from a gentle woman mariyed to an Inglishman called [Belick] in Flanders

14. The reason why she called him by another name was because he called himself Fawks

15. He sayth he was out amongst upper catholiques by his travells

16. He was raised a catholique and not converted That he went out from Douex amongst seminyrs, and cauled againe at Prt in Louvaine

Jhon Jhonson

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