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Tudor / Stuart Timeline [1603-1625]

[March] Elizabeth I dies, and nominating no successor, is succeeded by James VI of Scotland.
Afraid of further retribution against Catholics, Henry Garnet reveals the Bye Plot, a conspiracy to kidnap James I and force him to repeal anti-Catholic legislation. Through the questioning of prisoners, the Main Plot is revealed. This was a conspiracy to have James removed from the throne and through the assistance of Spain have him replaced by his cousin Arabella Stuart. Lord Cobham and George Brooke are arrested as is Sir Walter Raleigh
Christopher Wright travels to Spain where he renews his acquaintance with an old school friend - Guy Fawkes.
[November] Raleigh is tried for treason.
[January] Hampton Court Conference. In response to the Millenary Petition, James I confers with English Puritans. While he refused to allow questions of doctrine to be resolved by Bishops, he sets in motion the eventual creation of the King James Bible.
[February] Robert Catesby, John Wright and Thomas Wintour meet in London and begin formulations of the Gunpowder Plot. Wintour is dispatched to Flanders where he recruits Guy Fawkes. Returning to England they are joined by Thomas Percy and form the original 5 of the Gunpowder Plot.
[May] Percy rents a house adjacent to Parliament and the conspirators commence a tunnel underneath it.
[October 3] Parliament is prorogued until 5th November.
[October 26] A mysterious stranger delivers an anonymous letter to William Parker, Lord Monteagle at his residence at Hoxton. Upon reading the letter, Monteagle makes for Parliament and presents it to Sir Robert Cecil.
[October 27] Thomas Wintour is made aware of the Monteagle Letter, by Christopher Ward, one of Monteagle's servants.
[November 5] Guy Fawkes is captured beneath Parliament in a cellar with 36 barrels of gunpowder by Sir Thomas Knyvett.
[November 8] The remainder of the gunpowder conspirators are routed at Holbeache House in Staffordshire. Robert Catesby, Thomas Percy and the Wright brothers are killed in the skirmish, the rest are captured, and dispatched to the Tower.
[January] The trial and execution of the Gunpowder Plot conspirators.
[May] Henry Garnet is executed for treason.
[April] The Jamestown settlement is founded in Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the United States.
Sir Robert Cecil introduces the 'Great Contract' to James's last session of his first Parliament whereby the Crown would give up feudal dues in return for an annual parliamentary subsidy. The Great Contract is defeated and James dissoilves Parliament the following year.
[September] English emigrants on the Mayflower depart from Plymouth.
First publication of the authorised version of the King James Bible.
With the crown so desperately in debt, James begins to sell honours and titles to raise revenue.
[November] James's eldest son Prince Henry dies of typhoid.
James dissolves the 'Addled Parlaiment' after its inability to pass legislation and the King rules England without a Parliament for the next seven years.
Death of Arabella Stuart.
[September] English emigrants on the Mayflower depart from Plymouth.
[January] Introduction of the Gregorian Calendar.
[March] The Jamestown Massacre. 347 settlers, almost 1/3 of the total population are slaughtered by Algonquian indians.
[March] James I dies and is succeeded by his son Charles I of England.
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