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Thomas Wintour to Johm Grant - 4 December 1603

Thoughe I have bin at the fountaine of news, yett can I learne littell to pourpose, only a supply is expected by the Spaniards, some forty were taken in a little castell, which was surprised by our Lord Deputy, then they confess that the rest are in some distress, having no store of victualls nor almost wood at all, and littell [____] Count Mauris is risen from [___], some report with losse of 1500 men and most of his great ordinance, others say he was raysed only by frost and hard weather, so tis uncertaine whether is true. Ostend is hardly pressed and liekly to be won either by the Duke or by the Sea. This is all our news.

Commend me to your mother and my sister, tell your sister Mary that my lady Montegle is in the country, but I will shortly make a voyage thyther on pourpose, in her behalf.

So fare you well - this 4 of December

your loving brother

Thomas Wintour

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